Corporate House Printing



Our Aim


To provide an outstanding level of customer service through committed and well
motivated staff, thereby creating long term profitable growth and to be acknowledged
as the most progressive and innovative company in the Printing Industry.



 Our Values

We believe in an uncompromising commitment to customer service in it's widest sense. We 
recognize the dignity of the individual and have total commitment to staff development and
retention enabling all to realize their full potential in an environment of equal opportunity.

We value our entrepreneurship and share with our suppliers the objective 
of enhancing the image and success of their products.


Our Goals


To retain and grow our customer base by meeting their expectations and requirements. 
To create a stable work environment and encourage staff participation and effective 
communication. To pursue a policy of training which enables our employees to be more 
effective in their jobs and which will enhance their personal growth.






We believe in conducting our business activities in a
free market system
professionally and with integrity.




We believe on a return on investment for our entrepreneurship which will
provide a secure footing for our long term growth.