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In 1986 the Corporate Empire "Corporate House" was born. I was inspired to create a
successful printing shop. A partnership was sparked with a master printer who had learn the
trade overseas. Through trial and error, I personally printed all the jobs for the first 3 years.


In 1989 Pic-a-shirt was developed. Business wise, it became a hive of activity.


In 1992 Your Family Magazine approached me to teach a screen printing course.


In 1993 Pic-a-shirt was sold for a profit and in 1994 Creative Shirts was born.
This thriving business was sold in February 1996.


Corporate House then started in June 1996 - developing into a successful printing factory.
Our company comprises of Automating Printing Machines, Manual Printing Machines,
Cap Printing Machines (the only ones in Africa), Pad Printing Machines and our
most recent venture - Embroidery Machines.


Operating a business of this nature can prove difficult. I have developed and mastered
the business format. Through expertise and personal know how over the past years -
the result, success on all occasions, developed skills, and technique,
a proven plan and the will to make it happen.

Corporate House is an internal part of the printing World and it is essential that an
entrepreneur realises that success is dependent on commitment to working long hours
and furthermore that they are comfortable in the industry.