What is the h-tree?

The h-tree is a new and exciting way to visualize family relationships.
It was patented by The University of Utah Research Foundation and has
been licensed exclusively by youwho for the family relationship network market.

The efficient space utilization of the h-tree design displays more
generations and more information about each individual than other
visualization techniques.  The h-tree allows you to easily see how
complete your tree is how you are related to people in your tree.

The h-tree beta site allows the user to upload
GEDcoms or use their FamilySearch login to create a unique
and personal h-tree.  youwho welcomes feedback as they
continue developing the beta h-tree site.  Click here to send us your thoughts.

How does it work?

The h-tree is constructed by placing the primary individual (the starting person)
at the center of the chart. The person’s father is added above them,
and the mother is added below, like this:

Then the father’s parents are added to the left and right;
the mother’s parents are also added to her left and right in the same way.
This forms the basic h-tree shape (up and down; then left and right).

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